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Improving musculoskeletal health & performance

Holmz consists of a digital self, data source agnostic explainable AI (XAI), and adaptive user interface that improves your musculoskeletal health, fitness, form, and performance.

Using data gathered from wearables, Holmz can assess your movements predicting injury risk, falls, and performance, determine root causes and create adaptive recovery and training plans.

Holmz provides the rationale behind his conclusions, insights, & recommendations through visual widgets and research paper inspired reports.

Musculoskeletal injuries are a BIG issue

This doesn’t begin to consider other affected groups such as first responders, underserved populations and athletes.

We need a better way to protect people and heal the injured!

Holmz ecosystem

Holmz consists of a digital self, data source agnostic explainable AI, and adaptive user interface designed to emulate the well documented traits of clinicians and athletic trainers.

In developing Holmz we began with the characteristics of experts we are emulating integrating their knowledge, experience, adaptability, their ability to accurately judge situations and data, infer information, develop insights and recommendations and share their rationale.

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